Shenzhen Best Link Prosmoker Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

About Us

Shenzhen Best Link Prosmoker Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd ,Prosmoker provides disposable, rechargeable e-cigarette, mod e cigarette and others. The month production capacity of battery, atomizer/cartomizer and starter kits is over 50,000.We cater to the ever-increasing global e-cigarette demands.
Prosmoker specializes in the development, production and marketing of electronic cigarettes in the past two years. We provide OEM and ODM service to more than 100 electronic cigarette brand and won high recognition and trust from our clients both at home and abroad.
In order to fulfill the expectations of the demanding customers, Prosmoker electronic cigarette manufacturer emphasizes heavily in both R&D and customer service. Through the full-line production, prosmoker controls the cost and quality strictly which will help to offer a high quality products in a better price. And we are endeavoring to offer one stop procurement service which will help you to save your cost as well as your energy. And our professional engineers will not stop pursuing innovation to assure quality control.